A Day for Remembrance

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, what is often said to be customarily the unofficial start of summer. For many that means a time to celebrate a well-deserved three-day weekend. However, Memorial Day is meant to be a day of somber reflection on the duties required of service to country. It is most importantly a commemoration for those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of our country.

Before it was Standardized by Congress in 1971, as the last Monday in May, Memorial Day was traditionally celebrated as a remembrance for fallen Civil war soldiers and was known as Decoration Day in many states. Cinco is proud to be a small family company with a long history of service that stretches back to the earliest days of our Republic.

Today we take the day to reflect on the grace and fortune that, unlike many families, ours remained whole through some of our nation’s darkest times. Today we will embrace the moments of joy and appreciate what we have gained, while thanking those who sacrificed for us. In the words of Sergeant Osterkamp after returning from the Korean War, “All gave some; some gave all.”