We have a Saspi GV4-30 high-speed thread roller available for immediate delivery today.

  • Touch screen interface
  • AC Inverter with jog capability
  • Motorized feeder rails
  • Motorized die blocks with motorized die matching
  • Save and Recall thousands of part numbers for faster set-up and changeover
  • Pre-loaded with both Standard and Metric thread sizes
  • Time Forced Lubrication system
  • Electronic Lock-out on all doors
  • Easy Adjustment Single Starter Finger system
Saspi GV4-30
Saspi GV4-30


  • Minimum Diameter: 4mm
  • Maximum Diameter: 14mm
  • Maximum Thread Length: 100mm
  • Maximum Length of shank: 150mm
  • Speed selection Standard: 50-200 parts per minute
  • Power: 32KW
  • Weight: 7,000 Kgs

The GV4-30 is located in our showroom in Huntley Illinois currently and can be viewed under power with an appointment.

Also available a GV3-20 is located at the Saspi Showroom in Cerritos, California. Check out our other Saspi products Here!