Cinco High Quality and Affordable Tooling

Cinco offers a robust selection of high quality and affordable tooling. With our world-class network of suppliers, Cinco is able to bring you the right tools to meet your job. We only require an example or drawing to meet your specific tooling requirement.

Now selling competitively priced transfer fingers for all major cold header manufacturers with on time deliveries. Expedited delivery is also available. We can meet all your needs with out custom made tooling solutions.

Cinco Transfer Fingers affordable tooling
Transfer Fingers

Thread Roller dies

JP Enterprise Co., Ltd.,  established in 1973, is a leading cold forming tool manufacturer, selling worldwide. Their main products are flat thread rolling dies, header punches, various bolt forming tooling, and drill point dies.  In order to produce the best tooling, JP imports raw material from Japan, Sweden, Germany, Austria and France. Using Modern and automatic equipment, JP is able to ensure consistent quality.

JP group has 3 factories and has acquired vast experience. It’s is now one of the leading screw thread rolling die providers in the world. Cinco can provide affordable thread rolling dies or header punches at competitive prices far below other leading suppliers.

Cinco Thread Rolling Dies

Reach out to our team to see how our tooling solutions can meet your thread rolling or cold heading needs.