Weighpack designs, builds and assembles custom packaging and labeling solutions. Robust, accurate, flexible and scalable. From a manually operated single station weighing unit to a fully automated multi station line, that sorts, scans, checks, aligns, weighs, counts, packs, labels and palletizes your bulk product.

Lifting and tipping for packaging and labeling

Lifting & Tipping

The Weighpack series LU lifting and tipping units are characterized by a heavy-duty construction, combined with extensive safeguarding. The units are easy to operate and maintenance free. Weighpack can construct each container holding unit for every type of container or multiple containers. Within the LU and tip units all dangerous and moving parts are fully shielded according to European (CE) and USA (OSHA) safety requirements.

Transport Feeding conveyor for packaging and labeling

Transport & Feeding

Packing is a multistage process. Feeding the bulk product into the line and transporting it after each treatment, is integral part of our solutions. Products like vibration hoppers, belt hoppers, step feeders and roller conveyors are all extremely robust and made to last. Those machine parts that are in contact with the moving product are coated with diamond rubber, to extend the lifetime of the packaging line and reduce contact noise.

Weighing and counting multihead for packaging and labeling

Weighing & Counting

Part of virtually every packaging line is a weighing/counting station. Single or multiple units can be installed, keeping the speed of the packaging process at its peak. The electronic counting or automatic ‘in-flight correction’ guarantees maximum accuracy. Our products fit in any fully- or semi-automated packaging line and are designed to handle hardware products 24/7.

Inspection control for packaging and labeling

Inspection & Control

We offer various inspection & control stations in our packaging lines. Integrity, size and orientation of the handled products are inspected and controlled prior to packaging. Rejects are accumulated and, when applicable, can be fed back into the packaging line and rethreaded instantly.

Packaging and labeling Blister packs
Packaging and Labeling Box Closer

Packaging & Labeling

Our packaging units will handle any type of product carrier, often folding and sealing them in the process. Whether you need bags, boxes, blisters, crates or drums, there is a Weighpack solution to accurately and efficiently fill, close and label your container. Our labeling units can process pre-printed labels as well as create dynamic data labels in real time. Even the printing and insertion of labels for your Euro containers (KLT) is possible.