Saspi Precision Pointing Machines

Saspi builds the finest line of High Speed Shave pointers capable of pointing parts from 2 mm Diameter up to 35 mm at speeds up to 250 Parts Per Minute, depending on the part. All Precision pointing machines are equipped with touch screen controls to change speeds and raise and lower feed rails, spindle and vibratory feeder.

Saspi Automatic Precision Pointing Machine
Saspi High Speed Precision Pointing Machine

The MPA-14 automatic pointing machine is a very reliable, easy to use high speed pointer. It is fully motorized (centring, rails, top rail, spindle head…). One of the greatest features is that every part is held as close to the end as possible during the pointing, facing or drilling process regardless of the length. So it avoids the vibrations at maximum speed and gains precision and finishing quality of the part. This is a unique feature of SASPI machines as well as the in screen process control system that measures the amperage that the machine is using at all the times. This is so it can control if a something goes wrong in a part or if the inserts are worn-out.

Saspi Shave Pointers precision pointer machine