Quality Parts Conveyors

From small parts conveyors for moving parts from one operation to another to conveyors built to your specifications, Cinco Industries can meet all your material handling needs. Keep your business moving with professional engineering, expert advice, and the industry’s top conveyor equipment. We offer steel belt conveyors to Magnetic Slide Conveyors

Storch Magnetic Small Parts Conveyor
Storch Magnetic Small Parts Conveyor

STORCH Magnetic Slide Conveyors

STORCH Magnetic Slide Conveyors provide Industrial Automation. Conveying hot, cold, wet, oily or dry ferrous materials virtually anywhere trouble free. Magnetic Slide Conveyors use permanent and powerful chain driven ceramic or rare earth magnets under a non-moving slide plate. They are ideal for conveying small turnings, stampings and small assembly components. As well as scrap such as punch-outs, trim stock and chips. Whether your need is for light duty jobs or heavy workloads, STORCH Magnetic Slide Conveyors are designed with all moving parts completely enclosed. This means there’s nothing to jam, become contaminated, or wear. No external moving parts means these conveyors are safe for employees.

New London Small Parts Conveyor
New London Small Parts Conveyor

New London Conveyors

With 70 years of conveyor experience, New London delivers valuable ideas and help you make decisions to quickly improve performance and your bottom line. These hinged steel belt Heavy Duty conveyors are ideal for handling fasteners, machine chips, metal parts, scrap, and other materials that may be hot or oily. SteelTrak™ is the preferred choice for the machining, foundry, metalworking, and ammunition industries.

Cinco Small Parts Conveyor

Cinco Small Parts Conveyors

Available with or without a Catch Pan

Cinco’s small parts conveyors are the economical solution for moving parts from one operation to another.  Sizes and shapes can be customized.