DTI In-Line Wire Drawers

Known for quality, Drawing Technology Inc. design and builds the industry leading in-line wire drawing equipment. Cinco Industries is proud to sell DTI’s entire range of wire drawing machinery. DTI is committed to the principals of high quality construction, service excellence, machine safety, innovative design and technical leadership. We at Cinco, are sure that DTI’s in-line wire drawers, are the perfect solution for your wire drawer needs. DTI will also rebuild used wire drawers.

DTI Model 58 Wire Drawers

DTI Model 58 quality in-line wire drawers
DTI Model 58 In-Line Wire Drawers

Standard on all models

  • AC inverter drive
  • Planetary gear reducer (no chain drive)
  • Full capstan safety guard with interlock
  • Self-storing gripper
  • Safety interlocks
  • Power Supply disconnect
  • Percent load and hour meter
  • Two speed jog

Standard on all models 38 through 100

  • Pneumatic wire rollers
  • Pneumatic compensator
  • PLC machine logic with 24 volt controls
  • Two hand safety jog
  • Two speed jog
  • Lift off draw box (model 25 through 58)

Standard on Models 90 through 100

  • Entrance Wire roller guide with end of coil switch
  • Power feed head
  • End of coil anti-flail roller

DTI Model 100 Wire Drawers

DTI Model 100 In-Line Wire Drawers
DTI Model 100 In-Line Wire Drawer

Lift Off Draw Box


Self-storing Gripper Chain

Self Storing Gripper Chain for wire drawers

PLC Machine Control

PLC Machien control for wire drawers